With each jewelry purchase at ReadYourHeart®, you are helping
to create positively impacts the environment and the communities.

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Our Vision For The Future.

ReadYourHeart was established with the mission: to offer consumers a beautiful, ethical and affordable diamond alternative that would help to cultivate a more sustainable and compassionate jewelry industry. We believe that chemistry does not matter to Eco-friendly and ethical consumers and for most couples, their savings might be better spent on things that matter more than the composition of a stone.

Making a Difference.

ReadYourHeart is working toward building a more sustainable path for the jewelry industry. We don’t just write checks. We established a cooperative relationship with Give Back To Nature, a Canada-registered project helping plant trees to rebuild the natural environment. As we know, diamond mines are often found in areas of high biodiversity and in sensitive habitats and large amounts of earth are excavated to reach the diamonds from deep below the earth’s surface. The destruction from the extraction of diamond mining last forever. Together with our partner, The GIVE BACK TO NATURE, we believe that we can make a difference and leave this world a better place.
Engagement Ring ReadYourHeart
Engagement Ring ReadYourHeart

The Part You Play.

With each jewelry purchase at ReadYourHeart®, you are helping to create positive impacts on the environment and the communities. ReadYourHeart donates $2.00 per sale to the project, which helps plant 10 trees. You will directly help the villages and communities which are suffering from extreme poverty by employing villagers. You will also redefine waste workers as environmental heroes, giving them the financial and social recognition that they deserve.

Our Sustainable Practices.

Earth-mined diamonds are forever destructive. By using only the incredible diamond alternative - the ethical and eco-friendly moissanite and lab-grown gemstones. Not only Moissanite is nearly as hard as a diamond and will last a lifetime, but they’re created in a way that’s more sustainable and better in the long term for the environment. With more fire and brilliance than a diamond, Moissanite is one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world.
Engagement Ring ReadYourHeart