A piece of jewelry that is custom-designed just for you spells exclusivity like no other. Especially if you’re looking for an engagement ring, it has to be exclusive, right? That’s what our team at ReadYourHeart believes.

Your loved one deserves not only the best but something more … something that represents the love, unique bond, and personal connection you’ll share. It means a lot to receive a ring that is custom created – a unique piece that cements the ever-lasting bond between you two.

That’s precisely why we offer our customers the option to custom design their jewelry, as per their specific requirements and specifications. Whether you would like to feature an emblem that is specific to you and your loved one or your unique relationship, you have a custom ring design that is of great sentimental value to you or a beautiful design you have in mind, we can do it all!

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We use only the most exceptional moissanite, lab grown diamonds and meticulously crafted styles.

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Unmatched Service

We understand the importance of your journey, that's why we put you first always.

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We pride ourselves on the level of expertise and experience we provide to our customers.


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1. Dream it

Tell us about your dream engagement ring.The type of stone you want, carat weight, material, setting type.

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2. Design it

Our elite team will help you to choose the perfect gem and turn your dream into a breathtaking design.

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3. See it

Approve the exquisite render of your ring. Want a change? No worries, we’re on it!

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4. Wear it

Finally, we ship the piece and you get to wear your dream that was made special for you!

Taking the time to make the ring specifically for YOU results in a better quality ring, without any seams or weaknesses.

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We are known for our dedicated customer service, high quality manufactured jewelry and great prices.
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