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Diamond Cut is how well a diamond is cut and polished, including how well-proportioned the stone is, its depth and symmetry. Diamond Cut doesn’t refer to the shape of the diamond, such as an Oval or Pear Shape. Cut quality directly impacts the diamond’s beauty and brilliance. A well cut diamond is luminous and reflects white and colored light back to your eyes. A poorly cut diamond is dull instead of brilliant.

According to the ring experts at ReadYourHeart, there are eleven iconic diamond shapes to pick from:Round,Princess,Emerald,Oval,Pear,Marquise,Heart,Radiant,Cushion,Trilliant.Take a peek at the handy diagram below to scout all the engagement ring shapes available.

The round brilliant cut

Cone-shaped with the top rounded off, this ring style is the most iconic and classic of all. No surprises, it's also the most popular. This stone shape is for the woman who loves elegance, simplicity, and tradition all in one.Round engagement rings are a classic look, and whether you're looking for a classic solitaire engagement ring or a pavé halo style, our round-cut diamond engagement rings are handcrafted to the highest standards.
Round-Cut Engagement Ring
Princess-Cut Engagement Ring Desktop

The princess cut

Princess-cut diamonds are available for those wanting a square stone offering a similar brilliance or sparkle of a round-shaped diamond. This stone shape is for the woman who is drawn to the excitement and a true romantic at heart because the princess stone shape is known to manifest beauty, style, and edge. Truly the "hopeless romantic" of all shapes, some refer to this shape as the square diamond.Invented in the early 1960s by Arpad Nagy, the “princess cut” was originally called the “profile cut”. Princess-cut diamond engagement rings possess the same brilliance as a round diamond but in a sleek square shape.

The emerald cut

Emerald shape diamonds have long facets & layered corners that resemble stairs and, like its wearer, is strong and bold. This stone shape is for the woman who enjoys flashy and exuberant fashion.An emerald shape will highlight clarity better than any of the other shapes. It's similar to a square diamond (princess-cut), but elongated and has different faceting. This popular style is best known for its beauty & precision because the long lines of the stone accentuate its sophistication.
Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring Desktop
Oval-Cut Engagement Ring Desktop

The oval cut

With an elongated design, oval diamonds encompass you in its captivating & elegant shape. This stone shape is for the woman who has flair for all things creative & individualistic.Oval diamonds can offer the sparkle of round stones in a dazzling silhouette. These are the most ideal choice for those who are seeking a uniquely shaped diamond, it's a different diamond cut that accentuates long & slender fingers.

The pear cut

Pear diamonds are a very stylish & bold mix between a round and marquise-shaped diamond. A pear-shape diamond engagement ring is for the woman who is always on the lookout for adventure.They have a resemblance to an elegant teardrop with one pointed end and one rounded end – combining tradition and brilliance, a pear-shaped diamond is perfect for the bride who is drawn to excitement & the unexpected.
Pear-Cut Engagement Ring
Cut refers to the facets, symmetry, dimensions and reflective qualities of the diamond. The finer the cut, the greater the brilliance and fire of the diamond.
Marquise-Cut Engagement Ring Desktop

The marquise cut

Are you an eternal romantic searching for an engagement ring with an aristocratic air? Consider the marquise diamond! Pronounced “mahr-keez,” this stone shape is for the woman who has a larger-than-life personality and a love for all things glamorous.The elongated stone gives an illusion of greater size and many appreciate the fact that marquise diamonds will make fingers appear longer and more slender. The points at each end of a marquise-cut diamond are a clear display of internal and external strength. Commonly also referred to as the football-shaped cut, the boat-shaped cut or the eye-shaped cut.

The heart cut

The heart cut diamond is made from modifying a round brilliant stone. Some may see it as the ultimate symbol of love, others as a little tacky, but as long as you wear it with confidence, you'll make it look beautiful.
Heart-Cut Engagement Ring
Radiant-Cut Engagement Ring

The radiant cut

The radiant cut combines a square or rectangular shape with the round brilliance, giving 70 facets of pure sparkle.Radiant cuts are one of the most brilliant cuts a diamond can have. This cut provides tons of sparkle, and the truncated corners make it more durable than a princess cut. Better yet, they can cost 20-39% less than round diamonds! If you go with an elongated radiant cut, it may also appear larger than a round.

The cushion cut

A cushion-shaped stone will have a square-rectangular cut with rounded corners & large facets to enhance the brilliance of the stone. This stone shape is for the woman who knows that the past dictates her future and she isn’t afraid to embrace it with both hands!This antique style cut has a classic, romantic appeal, and is also known as “pillow-cut” diamonds. Synonymous with royalty, cushion-cut diamonds are coveted for their distinctive soft shape and brilliant facets.
Cushion-Cut Engagement Ring Desktop

The asscher cut

The mesmerizing windmill pattern of an asscher-cut diamond is great for a vintage, Art Deco look. With their octagonal outlines, they’re perfect for geometrical styles.In addition, this step cut doesn’t hide inclusions like a brilliant cut would.

The trilliant cut

One of the more unique diamond ring cuts, a trilliant stone will look larger than a round in the same carat. However, the sparkle may not be as bright, so you'll need to decide where your compromise lies.

We hope this diamond shape guide helped you to understand what makes each shape special to help you pick the perfect one! For more information and to view styles in-store with a professional diamond expert, we encourage you to make an appointment.A bold brilliant, precise princess, larger-than-life oval, or a dazzling cushion— all different diamond cuts are gorgeous. But, it’s more than a shape, it’s a lifestyle.


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