What To Do If Your Ring Is Too Big

An engagement ring that doesn’t fit is definitely not ideal, but it’s also not the end of the world! There are plenty of solutions, both temporary and permanent, that can get your ring fitting perfectly so you can show it off without worrying that it’s going to fall off.

How Do You Know If Your Ring Is Too Big?

Everyone’s fingers, and jewelry preferences, are different. So you might think that even if your ring’s a little loose, it’s “not too bad.” However, if you ignore an incorrectly sized ring, you could easily lose it when you move your hands too quickly or have it fall down a drain while washing your hands. Which both would be devastating.

Your ring is probably too big if:

  • It’s constantly spinning around the base of your finger and won’t stay upright.
  • You’re concerned it’s going to fly off when you move too fast or flick your wrist.
  • It slides off easily when washing your hands or in the shower.
There are a lot of things that go into the decision of whether or not you need to resize your ring, and how you want to go about doing it. It’s possible that you may only want a temporary fix like a ring guard; you can wear it when it’s cold and your fingers are small, but you take it out when it gets warm or you’ve eaten too much salt for dinner and your finger swell a little.

5 Ways To Fix A Ring That’s Too Big

1.Rubber Band Wrap

If you’re in a hurry and want to DIY something to keep your ring from slipping off, try a rubber band. It’s safe and won’t damage your ring. While you can use the typical tan rubber band that you probably have lying around in your junk drawer, the ideal choice for this fix is a small, transparent rubber band. Slide it around your finger (and possibly loop it a few times depending on the size) and then put the ring on over it. The rubber band adds some thickness to your finger to make up for the extra space.

2.Ring Guard/Sizing Bar

These are small adjusters, often made of plastic, that are easy and affordable to get for temporary ring adjustments. They come in different sizes and clip to the inside of your ring, so you can find one no matter the thickness of your band. They are small, and since they sit inside the band, you wouldn’t notice by looking at that your ring that there is anything in there.

3.Spring Inserts

Spring inserts are a resizing solution that a jeweler can install for you. It’s a small strip of metal, shaped like a horseshoe, that “springs” back as you put it on. This makes space for your knuckle to get through the ring, while also fitting snugly around the base of your finger. These are much less of an intrusive fix than resizing the whole ring, and can be a solution for bands made of metal that are too hard to resize fully.

4.Metal Sizing Beads

If you just need a small adjustment (typically up to ½ size) you could consider sizing beads. These are two small metal beads, soldered on to your band by a jeweler, that help your ring fit snugly. The benefit of beads, similar to spring inserts, is that they allow space for the ring to fit over your knuckle, and are also a solution if you don’t want to (or can’t) have your ring resized.

5.Professional Resizing By A Jeweler

Once you’re at a point where you know you need to permanently change the size of your ring (and you have a band that will allow for it), it’s time to consider professional resizing. Typically, a ring can be resized by up to two sizes. You’ll take it in to the jeweler, they’ll measure your finger and probably ask some questions (how the ring currently fits, what you find comfortable, etc.), and you can decide together on the perfect size. The best part? You’re going to a professional, which means when you get your ring back it will be sparkling and just like new (except this time it will fit perfectly).

Does Resizing A Ring Make It Weak?

Technically speaking, yes. Every cut and solder point on a ring is a place where it’s a little bit weaker than it would be if it hadn’t been cut. And stretched metal is weaker than it originally was (though we would not suggest metal stretching as a way to resize rings). However, this is just to say that you should try to avoid having a ring resized too many times. When a skilled, professional jeweler works on your ring, they will know the techniques to help strengthen any weak spots and make your wedding band as durable as possible. They will help it withstand whatever you throw at it over the course of a lifetime.


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